Mercury Magick

Moving from the academick to the poetick.

Mercury, Oh Mercury,

Much more to me than 5 and 3,

Bodaciously, caduceously

In and out and back to me


He walks the sky intrepidly

He fools the gods mercilessly

Mercy mercy Mercury

White hot and scolding morphing key

And just between myself and thee

I love you more than you love me

Our words together perfectly

Fit fine and fast our litany


Entwine worlds metaphorically

Phosphorus passed from you to me

Enlight, entrance, entrust to me

Your silver wit and mastery


Our snakes embracing helically

I reach for you and I touch me

Your body a mere pen for me

A brain to wire, but differently


I open doors, I am the key

I am the word so speaketh thee

Open thy mouth and prophesy

And prophesy exquisitely


Make marks, my child, symbolically

And scribe your devilry for me

To mark and tick and cross a T

For in thy pen is Mercury


Art can, and perhaps should, bring about changes in consciousness. The artistic form most of us are first exposed to is the lullaby, sung in order to shift consciousness from wakefulness to sleep. More sophisticated art might cause laughter or discomfort, make us whimsical or enraged, or send us into a trance of another sort. Zen sumi-e painting blisses me out like nothing else, breakbeats go in a different direction and take a little longer, but the groove I end up in is something quite different to normal waking semi-consciouness.

Altered states can be magickally potent, and many if not most artistic forms have their roots in magick. Theatre derives from shamanic enactments of mythological motifs in ancient Greece. Hunt scenes on cave walls are thought to have been depicted in order to bring luck in hunting, and African drums beaten in war did more than just excite, they employed specific rhythms to call down specific entities to aid the warriors.

The above is a poem with a purpose. It can be spoken, aloud and at a good pace, immediately before a creative writing session. More specifically, it is for automatic writing. Automatic writing is where you empty your mind, and let your pen do what it wilt. If you are new to it, it might take several attempts to get anywhere, and even successful sessions may comprise inspired and uninspired moments, but no one cycles perfectly on their first ride, and it may take a while to do a wheelie. Combine the poem with other mind-altering techniques if you like, but the most important thing is to keep trying. Invoke often, with determination, and something spectacular might happen.

The poem can, of course, be read just for fun. It is released under a creative commons copyright, which means you may do what thou wilt with it, but please mention my name to any gods contacted.


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