Censored Scripture

This talk, given at the Anarchist Studies Network Conference at Loughborough Uni, considers how The Bible was censored, through dishonest translation, to make believers into pushovers.

Examples include:

“The meek shall inherit the earth”
“Ye resist not evil”
“Turn the other cheek”

The effect of the KJV on the Western mindset is impossible to overstate.

My thanks to all the delegates and organisers, Marxists, Post-structuralists and ghouls who made the event so fantastic, and contributed to lively debates both in the sessions, and in the pub afterwards, seeking liquid solidarity.


alex murrell

cool talk. Retranslating things is always stimulating and sometimes very helpful. We also should remember that the original gospel inspiration was a spiritual inspiration not an ordinary memory written down soon afterwards. It is likely that written records were not made in the lifetime of the gospel writers. Oral traditions were living, but sop were spiritual experiences at that time . The gospels can in fact be accessed through spiritual vision quite independently of written records. This , you will agree is a radical opinion likely to upset some people. Through this fact we can appreciate how the gospels become relevant for every age, every epoch or aeon and into eternity. The Word really does not depend on the words! or shall we say the letters! Christianity, our understanding of it, has really only just begun!

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