Santo Daime UK

A talk about how the British media and justice system system has reacted to ayahuasca and Santo Daime in the UK.

Note, as of December 2012, the charges have since been dropped.


Kevin Snyman

Entertaining and informative, as usual. God’s blessing and guidance with the upcoming petititon to the house of lords


yes the reaction to aya is over the top but laughing at will only incense the law makers even more.


im not sure if this is the correct place to write to , as i was looking
for the Santo Daime Uk branch. Anyway Since Ayahuasca is illegal in the
UK i imagine practioners must travel to Europe to take part in the services. Is this a usual thing and are the people From the Uk welcome is there a charge. the only places i can find seem to be Shamanic wokshops that charge a lot of money £150 aday. Or is this the norm and what the santo Daime hurch charges?

Rev. Nemu

Hi Luke,

There are several Daime churches doing their works and celebrating their festivals on the continent unmolested. Here’s a list

Mestre Irineu, who gave the name of Daime to the tea and to our line, was explicit that you can’t make money from Daime. So we are prohibited from charging for our ceremonies.

In practice, visitors are invited to make a donation, in Brazil and in the UK.

Given the costs of making it, transporting it, and occasionally flying over rock star pardrinhos, there is a minimum suggested donation, but it is far more modest.

The dynamic is quite different to a shamanic workshop, where there is a shaman or two, and maybe ten or so clients. Our sessions can involve sometimes over a hundred regulars, and often no-one from Brazil. They happen monthly, as part of our day to day lives, and the organisers, the participants and the people running sessions are the same people. So such prices are out of the question.


This is more than a medicine, NOT A DRUG ! It’s a way to visit home ! This is the only truth there is ! Love to all at santo daime ! Anyone thinking of going or to the amazon, money should not come into it ! This is direct contact with the source, healing, love and a tool to unite us all ! We are the infinite dancing mantra of love ! One species ! This teaches us to honour our creator, each and other, Mother Earth and not chase paper and greed, that’s why the powers that be want it illegal ! I love you all fully and without limit ! We are one ! X

ralph mayles

Hello Nemu…I watched your presentation video from a year or so ago and would be interested in meeting someone who could introduce me to Santo Daime ….i met a lady 10 years ago who teased me with the idea she might introduce me and said first I had to learn to sing hymns …and at the time I was struggling with what God meant to me ….so I decided not to follow through….since then I have seen various videos like the ones you are sharing and would be interested in learning more ….I live in West Cornwall….but would be happy to travel to meet up with a community or an individual who could guide me …any help greatly appreciated cheers Ralph

Rev. Nemu

Hi Ralph – after two and a half years on bail, the people charged went to court.

The Crown Prosecution Service said they had no evidence to present.
Case closed, charges dropped.

The government therefore avoided having to set a legal precedent.
They remain at liberty to arrest and harass citizens who are innocent of any crime.

So sadly, we are not practicing in England until the legal situation has been resolved.

If you have enough money to take a case to the European Court of Human Rights, you could do that.
Failing that, your best option is to check out these links, and maybe head to a country with a less awful government, like the Netherlands:

The lady was mistaken – you needn’t learn hymns, pray, or do anything else, unless you want to.
All you need to do is not have sex for three days beforehand and after, and not disrupt the ceremony.

Regarding what God means: when you solve that one, please let me know.


G would very much like to be introduced to the Santo Daime community, I live in the London area, could anyone point me in the right direction?
Forever grateful….Thankyou.

Reverend Nemu

Hi Mia – unfortunately, until the legal situation changes, there aren’t any sessions going on in the UK at the moment.
Your best option – unless you can make it out to Brazil – is to get in touch with the people in the Netherlands:

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