Daime Talk

This is a talk I gave at Canterbury University in December 2012, about ayahuasca and the cultures that use it, focusing on Santo Daime.

Part 1 introduces ayahausca.

Part 2 explores the rituals and early history of Santo Daime, the life of its founder, Mestre Irineu, and his method of making ayahuasca.

Part 3 describes how the Brazilian government sponsored a panel of scientists to study ayahuasca.

Their glowing reports and positive findings lead to the legalisation of certain ayahausca circles in Brazil. This compares favourably with the British government, which ignored and then sacked its scientists, and has no clear policy on ayahuasca.

Part 4 is about how I ended up drinking Daime, and using it to treat a tropical parasite.


Part 5 is about the current legal situation of Santo Daime and ayahuasca in various countries.
Part 6 is the Q & A session.

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