Shell Out Sounds

Some people don’t need an excuse to dress up and make a noise but I do, and whilst Occupy was booming I had mine.

What contentment, what deep happiness attends stumbling down the street, clothes torn and eye hanging out, smearing blood on bank windows! What earthly joy approaches that of standing on the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral, robed and ranting amongst one’s fellow clergymen, preaching the gospel in one’s own inspired idiom? Where would we be without politics?

Occupy London swelled quickly, gestated painfully and then burst messily, firing its multi-coloured spores into the noosphere. A one-legged, thousand bickering-headed beast remained after the goo had been cleaned up by the City of London Constabulary, but by then the cheeky vigour had already found other moist patches.

One such moist patch is the the South Bank, where the Shell Out Sounds choir made its uninvited debut earlier this month, as you can see in the video above. This choral intervention was staged (literally, on an occupied stage) to draw attention to Shell’s sponsorship of the South Bank, a high profile PR greenwash of a horrific environmental menace. One shouldn’t blow one’s own windpipe, but I do have a ripe and resonant range, and what right-thinking reverend can resist the velvet tones of a well-intentioned choirboy?

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Not so much a posting as a jazz riff, not so much a blog as a gig. Sometimes a little hard to follow, but one get’s swept along by the music. I am, however, a little bemused by the final line – who’s the choirboy in this scenario? And I would’ve thought that a failure to resist choirboys lies at the root of much of the Church’s troubles. (Both churches, Roman and Anglican).

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