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Brothers & Sisters in Christ and Chaos

Marauding in the British Museum

Your good pastor took his noisy baritone to the British Museum, to help sing the bassline for  theatrical anti-oil marauders the Reclaim Shakespeare Company. But there was no tight-wearing, lyre-bearing this time – the county’s beloved museum was invaded by Vikings, performing a saga of Ice and Fire while fossil-fueled fire harasses the ice at our globe’s poles.

They are gonna be on telly tonight! Channel 4 News

Here’s a message from Reclaim Shakespeare Company:

Beloved actor-vists,

Lo! It seems that tonight we may once again burst upon the televisual screens of the nation!


On Sunday, we took a horde of oil-branded Vikings into the BP-sponsored British Museum. A choir sang an unusual version of “Ride of the Valkyries” all about oil spills and then a mighty saga commenced, narrated by a powerful seeress and watched by a large crowd of surprised museum-goers. The BP Vikings began looting and pillaging, aided by a devious sponsorship spell from the trickster god Loki. Fortunately, the gods Thor and Freyja stepped in to break the spell and the people of Midgard, the human realm, gathered round to cast the BP Vikings noisily from the building.

You can read the full story and see some rather wonderful photographs here:

A film of the action should be out tomorrow (and we’d love your help to share it) but in the meantime it seems we might have made it onto the national news. We gave a copy of our action footage to Channel 4 News, set them up an interview with Mark Ravenhill (a top playwright who is very critical of oil sponsorship of the theatre) and also did a couple of bits to camera ourselves. Channel 4’s Paul Mason has written a blog about it today and so the signs are good that we might make it onto the programme tonight sometime from 7pm.

Freya and Thor

Please spread the word, and if we do indeed appear on the show it would be great if you could tweet your thoughts while we’re on, using the hashtag #c4news and sharing our twitter name @ReclaimOurBard and website www.bp-or-not-bp.org so people watching the programme know where to find us and follow us.Loki

If you’re feeling extra keen you could also share our petition to kick BP out of the British Museum (https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/neil-macgregor-director-of-the-british-museum-end-your-sponsorship-deal-with-bp), and share all these links on Facebook and other places too while the show’s on, so people who see us on telly can then go and find out more about the issues and how to get involved.

Many theatrical oil-free good wishes,

The Reclaim Shakespeare CompanyOn the steps
Photos by Hugh Warwick

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