Out of the Shadows

Muswell Hill Press has published an anthology of articles from Psychedelic Press (with me in it).Out of the shadows


Fireworks – Cody Johnson
The Lotos-Eaters – Mike Jay
Taboo from the Jungle to the Clinic – Rev. Nemu
Beats on Acid – Roger Keen
No Imperfection in the Budded Mountain – Andy Roberts
A Psychedelic Trickster – David Luke
Watts Ego – Robert Dickins
Psychedelic Research – Stanislav Grof
Portrait of a Psychedelic Researcher – Ben Sessa
MDMA: Wonderdrug? – Chris Salway
Trips to Sobriety – Sam Gandy
The LSD Trial – Toby Slater
Archaidelics – Tim Read
The Epilogenic Model – Dave King
Femtheogens – Maria Papaspyrou
Rehabituating Cognition: An Interview with Casey Hardison
On the Nature of Psilocybe Folk – Jack Hunter
Myco-Metaphysics – Peter Sjostedt-H
Seismographic Art – Henrik Dahl
Cultivating the Teacher – James W Jesso
Prophetic State and the DMT Effect – Rick Strassman
‘It is so Beautiful’ – About Yellow

My contribution is Taboo from the Jungle to the Clinic, considering different approaches to knowledge about ayahuasca at the jungle frontier in a post-colonial world, with a nasty parasite with designs on the cartilage of my ears and nose.

I gave some talks on the subject too – this is the super-fast one:

And this is more detailed (in two parts)

Blurb from the book

Psychedelic means “mind manifesting”. It seems likely that psychedelic agents have profoundly influenced the evolution of our most important civilisations and the development of our collective psyche. The use of psychedelics as cultural drivers and creativity enhancers in the modern era has shaped music, art, literature and depth psychology.

Psychedelics have acquired a certain reputation and polarise opinion.

  • Are they sacred medicine or a threat to society? 
  • Do they lead us towards a deeper truth or immerse us in our shadow? 
  • Why are there such formidable barriers hindering scientific research into their possible benefits? 

In their heyday, this remarkable group of psychoactive substances were believed to hold great promise for treating medical conditions, assisting psychotherapy, fuelling creativity and allowing profound spiritual experiences, however political reaction and legal restrictions pushed their use back into the shadows in the mid 1970s.

Currently there is a resurgence of interest into their clinical and therapeutic use. Research is gathering real momentum and some of the traditional misinformation and stereotypes are being reversed.  This collection of original papers from the Psychedelic Press UK journal takes us on a fascinating journey through such topics as:

  • Use of psychedelics in medicine and psychotherapy
  • Archetypal psychology and spiritual awakenings
  • Creative surges – literature, myth and visionary art
  • Philosophical theory to ayahuasca healing
  • The great questions of life and death