May Newsletter

This being the first twist in plenty of time, we have a little catching up to do.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Drugs in the Bible!

I’ve been giving talks about the holiest and headiest of plants and preparations, including at Trinity College, Dublin, and at Beyond Psychedelics in Prague.

The Third Wave podcast also did a fun interview with me on the subject.

And Psychedelic Press published several articles, including:

Review of DMT and the Soul of Prophesy

Dr. Strassman challenges the scientific consensus that angels and spirits are impressions created by the brain, proposing his ‘theoneurological’ model – where higher powers use our brains to communicate with us.

It’s a great book, and if he had gone further to challenge the assumptions of theology regarding drugs and the authority of those invisible powers, it would have been a truly fantastic book. Read it here.

Fortunately, that fantastic book does exist. I wrote it (in conjunction an invisible demoness), and it is…

…exploring the drug-addled and disobedient prophets of the Bible, as well as:

– the psychology of perception shifting between different languages.

– how neurodiversity, epilepsy and trans-cranial magnetic stimulation can trigger savantism and illuminate human potentials.

– muscular super-strength, angelic visitations and voices in life-threatening situations.

Buy this book (but not on Amazon where they are MEANIES)
The Blog of Baphomet review is here, other reviews here.

Review of Ayahuasca Reader

The launch party was fun.

My review went like this:“Meaning shifts as culture drifts, and the shaman walks between the worlds, talking between tongues, his language twisting-twisting (to use Narby’s translation of an Ashaninka term). With “alternative facts” in the “fake news”, we seem to be sliding into the slippy abyss of epistemology, and perhaps we could all benefit from learning how to tongue-twist.” <read the rest here>

I also made my first ever meme…
… and caused some trouble at the British Museum for their filthy oily sponsors.
Here’s a write-up from BP or not BP, watch out for the soon-to-be-released film of the cashmob, and get in touch if you’d like to join us for more actorvism.
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