Party politics, party poopers


Well done Corbyn, but ooh, I wonder what Tony Blair has to say for himself…

On the morning after the election, as we face the poetically amusing prospect of a “May-DUP” coalition, I am disgusted to find myself laughing at losers. These include the right-wing press, whose unsuccessful campaigns of slander reveals their increasing obsolescence, the liberal media and journalists like Owen Jones eating their shitty words about Corbyn the distress of Theresa May and her moribund fellows. So many losers to laugh at!
I usually do my best to focus my attention on examples of love and success I find around me, but today I’m enjoying the humiliation of people I have never met and never will meet. What is going on?
Political philosopher Carl Schmitt notes that soldiers are not naturally accustomed to war: they spend most of their time getting on with normal life, only fighting occasionally and for the most part unwillingly. Politicians, on the other hand, scheme and fight from morning to night in their day jobs. War is a natural state of affairs for them, and the most extreme and pure expression of their craft is the murder and mutilation of human beings. As he puts it:
“only in real combat is revealed the most extreme consequence of the political grouping of friend and enemy. From this most extreme possibility, human life derives its specifically political tension.”
Schmitt was a complicated character (and a Nazi), but he knew a bit about politics.

As the state sends its dirty tendrils deeper and deeper into civil society and mental space, foreign policy becomes endless war and home affairs focuses on the enemies within our borders. I’m genuinely happy that Mr. Corbyn did so well, and with a campaign that was admirably unvitriolic in contrast to the belligerence of his enemies in parliament and the press. But my constituency is my own head, and that is a nuanced place which does not admit simple dichotomies of good and evil, beautiful and ugly, enemy and friend.

Well done Mr. Corbyn, and all the campaigners who got behind him. Now give me back my brain!