Shell Out Sounds

Some people don’t need an excuse to dress up and make a noise but I do, and whilst Occupy was booming I had mine.

What contentment, what deep happiness attends stumbling down the street, clothes torn and eye hanging out, smearing blood on bank windows! What earthly joy approaches that of standing on the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral, robed and ranting amongst one’s fellow clergymen, preaching the gospel in one’s own inspired idiom? Where would we be without politics?

Santo Daime UK

A talk about how the British media and justice system system has reacted to ayahuasca and Santo Daime in the UK.

Note, as of December 2012, the charges have since been dropped.



Meek?Why would King James, famous for his anti-democratic machinations, his shameless financial extravagance and his costly military misadventure, want the following in the Bible?:

“The meek shall inherit the earth”

This is spin that would make Peter Mandelson blush. “Inherit” implies a delay, even a patient wait for something to pass naturally. Strong’s definitive biblical dictionary, however, also translates yarash as “occupy”, and the primary three meanings listed are seize, dispossess, and take possession of. “Meek” is equally misleading. (more…)

Buddha Recycles

Jesus Saves! (Buddha Recycles)


From Martin Luther to Martin Luther King, Archbishop Tutu and the liberation theologists, the Holy Spirit flows fast in activist veins.

The protest of the Protestants began as a leafleting campaign attacking the Vatican think-tank at the centre of a transnational extortion racket, dictating how rulers and ruled should conduct their affairs. Today we have the IMF and the Fiscal Gospel, and a new Inquisition to guard our souls from economic heresy, but the missionary may not rest. My mission lead me to Buddhafield Festival, with faith in my wellies to keep out the mud, and in the Holy Name of Yaweh to keep me from heresy. Thus I came unto the Buddhists, and the mud was deep indeed.