#Drop BP

Special agent Nemu has been busy this week, with two actions at the British Museum. The irony of BP, one of the major historical contributors to climate change, sponsoring an exhibition on Sunken Cities was too good an opportunity to miss. The first was an unscheduled artwork for the press conference in the morning, while… Read more »


  Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free – John 8.32 An information leak is, by definition, an apocalypse, and the apocalyptic panorama of the pirates of Panama is only the latest in a series. Brazil’s wave of scandals that began with the oil company Petrobras has spread to engulf hundreds of… Read more »

Drop BP!

    BP welcomed some esteemed guests at the British Museum yesterday. Both the CEO and the chair of the BBC were there to eat olives and drink wine with the CEO of the world’s biggest ever corporate criminal. It is safe to assume that what is broadcast on the BBC is controlled, but autonomous projections are more difficult… Read more »

Is this a Logo I see before me?

As the British Museum chooses its next sponsor, 250 activists, including BP or not BP, Liberate Tate and thirteen other groups from the Art Not Oil coalition, ask respectfully but loudly that they ditch the world’s biggest corporate criminal. (Rev. Nemu on shouting and percussion!) If you would like to get involved in our next action,… Read more »

Hacked Hamlet at the British Gas AGM

In the year that 10,000 died from fuel poverty in the UK, Hamlet delivers a soliloquy. Did you hear them clapping? What a crowd! More (and better-appreciated) reclaimed Shakespeare here.

BP Vikings on the News!

Your good reverend went undercover to join a horde of Vikings from the Reclaim Shakespeare Company to do a pop-up saga at the British Museum, where the BP sponsored Viking exhibition is taking place. This is our very own Viking seeress interviewed on Channel 4 news!: And this is the video of the saga:

BP Vikings!

Brothers & Sisters in Christ and Chaos Your good pastor took his noisy baritone to the British Museum, to help sing the bassline for  theatrical anti-oil marauders the Reclaim Shakespeare Company. But there was no tight-wearing, lyre-bearing this time – the county’s beloved museum was invaded by Vikings, performing a saga of Ice and Fire while fossil-fueled… Read more »

Out Damned Logo

Is this a logo I see before me? Those actor-vists and anarcho-thespians from the Reclaim Shakespeare Company have been at it again, this time at the Tate Britain. I had a supporting role (literally) It was crafty, classy and slick – one of the security guards asked if the action had been organised with the Tate!

The PR Reindeer

Your favourite tenorchists have been at it again, singing Christmas Carols with a difference in front of the South Bank. Rudolph the Branded Reindeer

Carols Not Barrels

Any musical innovation is full of danger to the whole State, and ought to be prohibited; when modes of music change, the fundamental laws of the State always change with them – Plato, the Republic Our choir began the day as nine at South Ken tube, warming up. Without our banner, we appeared for all… Read more »

Oil in the Water

It is hard to know just how to express the degree of Shell’s nastiness, but one might start with a three-part harmony at the South Bank’s Royal Festival Hall. The other option, for me anyway, is to weep alone in my bedroom over a cheap bottle of rum. Anyway, the critics loved it: ‘This evening’s concert… Read more »

We’re going Shell

The Shell Classic International season began with Orchestra Mozart at the beginning of October, and Shell Out Sounds swung into action to bring a little more nuance to the corporation’s PR campaign (with Rev Nemu singing bass). Concert-goers taking their interval drinks in Festival Hall Bar were greeted by an upbeat chorus, snapping fingers as… Read more »