Rev Billy

A visiting pastor came to London to preach in and about HSBC. Just outside the bank there was a moment of high serendipity as a genuine reverend wearing a genuine dog collar met Rev Billy. He was a Christianity Uncut activist, on the way to a monastic retreat in France, and joined us for our… Read more »

SOS strikes again

Shell Out Sounds is a conscious community choir taking on Shell sponsorship of the arts. This video of our latest harmonic intervention explains why we do it. Special thanks to our cameraman Rikki, whose other work can be seen here.

Shell Out Sounds

Some people don’t need an excuse to dress up and make a noise but I do, and whilst Occupy was booming I had mine. What contentment, what deep happiness attends stumbling down the street, clothes torn and eye hanging out, smearing blood on bank windows! What earthly joy approaches that of standing on the steps… Read more »