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  Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free – John 8.32 An information leak is, by definition, an apocalypse, and the apocalyptic panorama of the pirates of Panama is only the latest in a series. Brazil’s wave of scandals that began with the oil company Petrobras has spread to engulf hundreds of… Read more »

Ritual Poetics, Ayahuasca and Goetia

Myth and plot, metre and rhyme, Structuring life in space and time, Lines of meaning cutting through it, Ink on the page of the master poet. Life is very strange, and so is magick, but they both seem to follow laws as inviable as the laws of physics. These are the laws of poetry.

The Apocalypse in Art and Science

While there are certainly solutions to be titrated and calculators to be tapped in the service of science, the other side of the story is rarely told, where groundbreaking ideas and technologies are discovered in visions and eureka moments. These may arrive in a dream or on the night-bus, during malarial delirium or a psychedelic… Read more »

Science Unveiled

Tesla’s electric motor.  Mozart’s symphonies.  Pesce’s protocols of virtual reality. Many of the most transformative inventions and ideas in the history of art and science arrived suddenly fully-formed in the minds of the innovators.