Intoxication Season at Kew Gardens

Review published at Psychedelic Press It is always sad to see cages in the zoo, but having just seen them at the botanical gardens I’m not sure what to think. Whether they are there to protect the psychoactive plants within from the public or the public from the plants is unclear, but regardless, cages with… Read more »

Psychedelic Press UK

The very excellent Psyspress UK anthology is on sale, with one of my articles in it. This excellent publication brings together various mind-bending writers, among them: – Andy Roberts (historian and Fortean Times writer) on the history of the Welsh Psilocybin festival. – Casey William Hardison (one-time underground chemist) on his bust, incarceration. – Dr Ben Sessa (psychiatrist and co-founder… Read more »

Ockham’s Sandwich

Those crazy cats at Reality Sandwich have published a chapter of my book!