From the Lips of Spirits

A Santo Daime ritual, which may last over twelve hours, consists almost entirely of songs, the themes of which range from the personal to the cosmological. This expanding musical corpus contains all the teachings of the tradition, and is central to the daimista ayahuasca experience. But where does this poetry come from?

Daime Talk

This is a talk I gave at Canterbury University in December 2012, about ayahuasca and the cultures that use it, focusing on Santo Daime. Part 1 introduces ayahausca.

Censored Scripture

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This talk, given at the Anarchist Studies Network Conference at Loughborough Uni, considers how The Bible was censored, through dishonest translation, to make believers into pushovers.

Examples include:

“The meek shall inherit the earth”
“Ye resist not evil”
“Turn the other cheek”

The effect of the KJV on the Western mindset is impossible to overstate.

My thanks to all the delegates and organisers