Re-reading Ayahuasca

“You are the shaman,” announced Terence McKenna at the beginning of a new phase of the archaic revival. With thousands of you-shamans going to Iquitos every year to get their feathers, it may be time to unpack that idea, and for that reason the new edition of the 15-year-old classic Ayahuasca Reader (AR) is extremely timely. As… Read more »

#Drop BP

Special agent Nemu has been busy this week, with two actions at the British Museum. The irony of BP, one of the major historical contributors to climate change, sponsoring an exhibition on Sunken Cities was too good an opportunity to miss. The first was an unscheduled artwork for the press conference in the morning, while… Read more »

Intoxication Season at Kew Gardens

Review published at Psychedelic Press It is always sad to see cages in the zoo, but having just seen them at the botanical gardens I’m not sure what to think. Whether they are there to protect the psychoactive plants within from the public or the public from the plants is unclear, but regardless, cages with… Read more »

Christ-mass Murder

I’m reposting this (’tis the season) “Can we have a word with you mate?” “Yes of course, officer,” I replied. “We just saw you shooting across the park, all in black, wearing a hooded top. Can you tell us where you have been?”