Pope Mike meets the Reverend Nemu!

Mike Brancatelli interviewed me for the Mikeadelic podcast, and we had an absolute ball, ranting at each other with anarchistic abandon. We talked about Daime, ayahuasca and racism in the academy, and a good deal of our chat was about anarchy and the politics of truth, including details about how “Scientism” resembles institutionalized religion. By the… Read more »

Out of the Shadows

Muswell Hill Press has published an anthology of articles from Psychedelic Press (with me in it). Chapters Fireworks – Cody Johnson The Lotos-Eaters – Mike Jay Taboo from the Jungle to the Clinic – Rev. Nemu Beats on Acid – Roger Keen No Imperfection in the Budded Mountain – Andy Roberts A Psychedelic Trickster – David Luke Watts Ego – Robert Dickins Psychedelic… Read more »

Psychedelic Press UK

The very excellent Psyspress UK anthology is on sale, with one of my articles in it. This excellent publication brings together various mind-bending writers, among them: – Andy Roberts (historian and Fortean Times writer) on the history of the Welsh Psilocybin festival. – Casey William Hardison (one-time underground chemist) on his bust, incarceration. – Dr Ben Sessa (psychiatrist and co-founder… Read more »

Interview with a Reverend

  Hi Reverend Nemu, thank you for agreeing to answer some of our questions. Science Revealed, part 1 of the Nemu’s End series, has just been published. The whole project is concerned with the apocalypse, but not necessarily the ‘end of the world’ variety filled with fire and brimstone. Could you tell us about what… Read more »

From the Lips of Spirits

A Santo Daime ritual, which may last over twelve hours, consists almost entirely of songs, the themes of which range from the personal to the cosmological. This expanding musical corpus contains all the teachings of the tradition, and is central to the daimista ayahuasca experience. But where does this poetry come from?

Daime Talk

This is a talk I gave at Canterbury University in December 2012, about ayahuasca and the cultures that use it, focusing on Santo Daime. Part 1 introduces ayahausca.

Santo Daime UK

A talk about how the British media and justice system system has reacted to ayahuasca and Santo Daime in the UK. Note, as of December 2012, the charges have since been dropped.